Playing Hearthstone in Real Life! It becomes Possible!!

Playing Hearthstone in Real Life! It becomes Possible!!

Awesome news from the world of Hearthstone. We got exclusive news from Hearthstone insiders about upcoming major changes and improvements to Hearthstone!


We talked to a Hearthstone insider who wishes to stay Anonymous, but we’ll call him Bon Brede.


So Bon, what can you tell us about the changes coming to hearthstone?

“Well I can say they are going to be amazing! I work in the laboratoria where they work on the changes, and even my boss can hardly hide his excitement! We call him God, because he does what God does, and we are his angels.”

“We call him God, because he does what God does, and we are his angels.”
— Bon Brede


And what exactly are these changes going to be?

“Well the most important part is (and why I contacted you) that we are trying to make Hearthstone an organic game. This means that we want to make all characters and creatures real. It obviously had to stay a surprise, so we didn’t tell anyone, but we are advancing fast in making this a reality. Devolopment costs a lot of money, and the genetical engineering is very hard to do, so we urge players to keep on buying a lot of packs. Just last week, we succeeded in making our first character, Jaraxxus. He has a bit of a temper, but we keep him calm with some cookies and tea. And we try to keep him away from his weapon as long as he doesn’t have to fight. We have an inside joke here now where we call the guy that ultimately made him “Fizzlebang” haha. Wow players will know the deal.”


This all sounds very exciting, but how will it work?

"Well we obviously can’t tell you everything yet, but we were thinking about having some sort of stadium, and players would play a card and then the character would go in the stadium. So if someone played doomguard, then a doomguard will appear in the stadium and it can fight against the other player’s minions. This works because we will implement chips in the brains of every creature, so when their card is played, they will be triggered and enter the playing field. They will also say their signature lines. We don’t know yet how to implement spells but we will figure that out. It would be a bit sad if we brought a creature to life just to have it killed 5 seconds later by a fireball. Maybe we have to implement some new rules that creatures can’t be killed or something…"


If there are all these living creatures, and they can’t be killed, what will happen to them when they grow old?

"That’s a good question, but our R&D team has been brainstorming about that as well. We came up with a retirement home for fantastic creatures and we would call it Azeroth. We would have to make two Azeroth retirement homes though. One for the Alliance and one for the Horde. So in the end it would feel like victory to them!"


Well I guess that is a really exciting thing for all Heartstone players out there! When can we expect in and can it be implemented in player homes?

"If all goes well, this kind of playing would be made commercially available in the summer of 2018. So players will have to have some patience.

The lifesize creatures would be tournament exclusive. So if there are Hearthstone tournaments or LAN parties they will get the possibility to hire our stable of creatures. This means they will get every creature 4 times. All creatures would of course need food and a place to sleep. The big dragons and giants are happy to sleep outside. We know this can be costly, but we think that it pays for itself. The event would get massive crowds and more people means more money!

For players at home we have a different solution. We will also make miniature creatures and they will be available in pet shops and other specialized shops. So players can buy each individiual creature, or they can buy boosters of 5 creatures each."

Okay that all sounds very promising Ben euh sory I mean Bon! Thanks for the information and keep us up to date!

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