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A Monkey Inn journalist checking out his new pictures for an article.


A Brief History

The Monkey Inn was found in 1912 deep in the jungle of Borneo. Some monkeys where playing and one fell out of a tree and died. Everyone was very sad, but the monkeys at the other side of the jungle didn't hear about the dead of little monkey Stuart until the very next day. That's when a group of monkeys decided they needed an online newspaper, in honor of Stuart.
The Monkey Inn was born!

A Monkey Inn editor checking out the layout of a new article.

A Monkey Inn editor checking out the layout of a new article.

From that day on, the monkeys got the news immediately when it happened. All went well and several years later the gazette was the biggest and most well known amongst monkeys in Borneo.  They offered jobs to 1429 monkeys and had even more freelance journalists. One of those journalists had a nose for business and opportunities, his name was Stan, and Stan was the man that would push The Monkey Inn in a new direction in 1916. That is the direction we know today.

Stan realized that the gazette didn't have any room for growth if they limited their news to monkey business and Borneo. So he got in touch with CEO Steven Stallone and they came up with an awesome plan! They would start meddling in the affairs of humans, and they would report their news! The humans instantly loved it, and after just 1 year, in 1917, The Monkey Inn expanded to cover news in all of Asia. 

CEO Steven Stallone doing what he loved.

CEO Steven Stallone doing what he loved.

Things went fine for a while, but in 1919 CEO Steven Stallone died of lung cancer. He had been a chain smoker since he was young, and he died with a sigaret in his mouth. 
This unfortunate death left new CEO Stan Stein alone to steer the multi million dollar ship that was the gazette. He decided it was time to steer in a new direction and finally expanded The Monkey Inn to report news on a global scale. He was helped in his endeavours by his new side kick and vice CEO Stavlov Strauss. They even started to employ humans!

From then on, The Monkey Inn has kept growing until it became the worlds' leading source of breaking news and events. 



FIY: In case you're not sure, everything on The Monkey Inn is Satire. Articles are not real. They can be based on real-life events and people though.